3rd XI Keep up challenge

Kelburne 3rd XI 6 vs 0 Western IV

Kelburne came into this game after a long winter break, due to whether in the past few weeks this was the first game of 2013 and with a league and cup double still in mind they wanted to start this year with a win. 
Kelburne were heading into this game with a few regulars missing from the squad: A.McInnes, C.Bain and R.McArthur well all out as well as experienced W.Anderson and Frenchman M.Dumont also out of todays game.

As this was the first game back, kelburne started off very slowly and were taking their time to find their feet, western however weren't. putting on as much pressure as possible to put Kelburne on the back foot and were rewarded when they were rewarded with a short corner by some unorthodox defending by M."no goals" Connor, the resulting short corner didn't get any better for him
 as a shot that was going wide hit off the foot and went into his own goal....... luckily for him the other umpire noticed that the ball was not stopped properly and there for was a Kelburne ball. From there on though Kelburne were able to build and were rewarded with their efforts, with what seem a nothing ball from the back S.McKinnon "S.A.M" ran onto the ball and a change of pace found him in plenty of space heading for goal, which he then took full advantage of and scored Kelburnes first goal of 2013. 1-0

This gave kelburne the platform they needed to drive forward, it didn't take long for Kelburne to get the second and again S.A.M found himself in space to find his second of the match. 2-0

Although Kelburne had the two goal advantage, this didn't break Westerns spirit and they kept the pressure goal with fast moving passing and running off the ball which created chances and made the Kelburne keeper: J.Barlow to pull off some saves that were crucial. but Kelburne managed to hang on and caught Western on the counter attack with some good work in midfield from F.Scott found A.Bremner who calmly finished and Kelburne got their 3rd of the game. 3-0

The fourth came from a short corner which the chance fell to skipper Alan "sleepless" Ralph who converted the shot with a low hard hit into the bottom corner where the keeper had no chance. 4-0

Kelburne weren't finished there and were pushing for a fifth. they were rewarded and with a finish that could be a strong contender for goal of the season the goal came from non other than S.A.M who got his second hat-trick in two back to back games. 5-0

ht 5-0

The second half started stronger from Kelburne and were more familiar with the pace of the outdoor game, with some good passing from D.Magee at the back, although Western were trailing they were still determined to stop Kelburne from getting that clean sheet with winning a few short corners but couldnt convert them into goals. Kelburne however found a sixth from a short corner of their own. the keeper saved the original shot but western couldnt clear the danger and "sleepless" was alert......to pounce on the loose ball and grab his second of the game. 6-0

In the closing stages of the game both teams were still trying to create something but nothing was produced as both teams kept breaking the play up.

ft 6-0

Wasn't a strong performance from Kelburne but still got the win and put a statement out to the other teams around them that they're here to stay and will not give up the league that easy.

Kelburne have a great chance of the double and with more performances from the forward S.A.M, why can't they?