Thomsons Cycles Kelburne gain revenge

Thomsons Cycles Kelburne II 10 - 1 Western II

This was Thomsons Cycles Kelburne's first game back outdoors and Kelburne need a win to start chasing down the league. After losing against western away from home Kelburne had a point to make. 

The game started and Kelburne started well by controlling the game and giving Western no space on the ball.

The first goal of the game came from a run along the baseline from Andrew Duff who managed to pass the ball across goal for Scott Sutherland to tap it in back post. Kelburne managed to keep the pressure on western and with a run from Scott Sutherland, he slotted the ball past the western keeper.  

This made Kelburne complacent and western took the opportunity to attack and won a short corner for their efforts. Western converted and pulled themselves back into the game. 

Shortly after kelburne struck back through Ross Mcintyre putting the ball high into the net. 

This settled kelburne and with good movement and passing managed to win a short corner.  It was a poor short corner but ScottSutherland managed to take advantage anyway and score.

Halftime 4-1 

Kelburne started strong again and was rewarded early on by creating an opportunity for Scott to score his fourth of the game. 

Kelburne continued controlling the game and creating many chances. The sixth goal of the game came from Jack McKenzie hammering the ball back post for Miles Goldie to score. This was quickly followed up by an interception from Euan Carmicheal that started a move to let Andrew Duff take his chance on goal. 

Continuing the pressure kelburne managed to create another where Miles Goldie passed the ball from baseline to Jack McKenzie on penalty spot who deflected it into the goal. After a run from Ross Mcintyre he took a shot on his reverse and as it was heading high into the net Scott Sutherland made sure it was going in by deflecting it into the goal from the air. 

Another chance was created by Kelburne that ended up with Jack McKenzie putting it in front of goal for Andrew Duff to put in the goal. In the last minute of the game Kelburne was given a short corner but unfortunately never managed to convert. 

Full time 10-1

This was a good first result back outdoors and hopefully be continued for the rest of the season.