Kelburne require more umpires

In order to allow the club to compete in ALL COMPETITIONS next season we must name a MINIMUM of EIGHTS OUTDOOR and 6 INDOOR UMPIRES .
It is vitally Important that we get more members volunteering to take a turn on umpiring duties .
It is also important to stress that you will Not be required to umpire every week ?you may only have to umpire two /three times a season .
There are 4 distinct UMPIRE CATEGORIES as below .
Please help the club by putting your name forward in one of the following categories .
1. Predominantly an umpire willing to be developed
2. Predominantly an umpire not wanting to be developed
3. Predominantly an player willing to be developed as an umpire in the near future
4. Predominantly a player only on list to fulfil club obligations .
Please also note that 2 of the nominated 8 outdoor umpires MUST BE FEMALE  AND 1 INDOOR  named umpire MUST BE FEMALE .
Please forward your name to Gerry Ralph   asap on