Hockey Fees for 2013-14

Subscriptions for 2013/2014 season


Your Hockey Fees are now due for payment as at 31st August 2013.

Please note that a significant change to the previous method of 2 separate payments (IE -1 payment for ?Subs? payable to Kelburne Cricket Club and 1 Payment for ?Match-Fees? payable to Kelburne Hockey Club) is now being replaced with a simplified payment process.  This gives our members the benefit in being able to organise things quickly and more efficiently.


The new payment process now comprises 1 single payment payable to Kelburne Hockey Club.      This covers your Club Subs & Match Fees combined and known thereafter as your ?Hockey Fees?.  Your Hockey Fees cost for the full year is contained in the table below.  Please make every effort  to set your payment arrangements in place quickly as this helps the overall collection process and the 31st Aug deadline has now been passed.


Your Hockey Fees can be paid by Cash, Cheque, Standing Order or  Direct BACs Bank Transfer.  Standing Order forms are now available behind the bar or you can also download/print from the  "Useful Documents" page on the web-site.  Completed forms should be returned to Jennifer Morgan or Fraser Hutchison at the club and cheques should be made payable to Kelburne Hockey Club.   Please refer to the Standing Order Mandate form for more detailed information on payment planning.   If you have any questions regarding payment, please direct them to Jennifer, Fraser or Billy Anderson who will do their best to help clarify the position for you.



2013/2014  Subscriptions


Combined Subs/Match Fees

Gents 1st and 2nd XI


Gents 3rd, 4th and 5th XI


Ladies 1st and 2nd XI


Ladies 3rd XI


Juniors (U13)


NB : £50 reduction applies for paid-up Cricket members (2nd sport).

No Pay-No Play Policy


Please also note that in recent years, it has taken much longer to collect the fees to the financial detriment of the Section and committee members involved in final verifications.   We therefore feel it is appropriate to introduce a final No Pay-No Play deadline after which, club members would not be eligible to play for their respective teams until satisfactory payment has been arranged.  We are confident that everyone will support this approach to ensure the sustainability of the Hockey Section through the year, maintain a sense of fair-play to those who have paid and overall keeping processes much simpler as a result.  



Please therefore be aware once again of the payment deadlines below and direct any questions to Jennifer, Fraser or Billy for clarification.  Thank you once again for your commitment on timely payment to support our Club.



August 31 st    :     Completed SO Forms or cheques placed behind bar for Jennifer/Fraser

October 31st   :      Final deadline for payment arrangement as above and enforcement of

                               No Pay-No Play Policy by the Mgmt Committee through Team Captains





                             Looking forward to a great season for one and all   

                                     Your Hockey Management Committee