5th XI Open Season with a point

Saturday 7th September - East Kilbride 2nds v Kelburne 5ths 

The start of the new hockey season saw a young Kelburne 5th team away to East Kilbride 2nd team on a overcast afternoon. Many of the team were making their first appearance for the team.

The starting eleven was goalkeeper Blair Martin defence Andrew McAllister(12) Steven Robbie James Macpherson and David Bain midfield Willie Allan Ross Gemmell Lucas Farndale Ian McIntyre(c) forwards Finn Halliday(11) Neil McIntyre

Subs Sam Jamieson(11) Alex Bogan(13) Shaun Jardine

Finn Halliday started the first game of the season when he took the pushback to Willie and this started an organised sequenced of passing as Kelburne tried to drive forward to the East Kilbride goal. East Kilbride defence stood strong and broke away with the a ball which was quickly won back by Kelburne the first few exchanges was making for an open free flowing game. David was staking a claim to be the best Bain family member ever to step on to a hockey field with a terrific cross pitch pass to start an attack on the East Kilbride goal but unfortunately this resulted in him pulling an old back injury and he had to sit out the remainder of the game. 

After four minutes Kelburne were awarded a short corner. The ball was ejected in by captain Ian McIntyre. The manner of the injection not only fooled East Kilbride but also his own team and the ball found its way back towards the Kelburne defenders who started the attack again. 

Kelburne started to believe that this game could be won and were playing a lovely passing game down both flanks but actual shots on goal were few and far between. When East Kilbride had the ball they showed they also could play and after about twenty minutes they scored. This was slightly against the run of play but also showed that the team could not be caught napping as they appeared to be confused as to what the umpire had awarded and East Kilbride were just a bit quick.  

Just before the half time whistle blew Kelburne had a great play which started from the very back of the defence through midfield and the shot from Neil just whizzed past the post.

Half time East Kilbride 2nds 1 ? Kelburne 5ths 0

The second half started and again had plenty of open flowing play from both teams. It was during this period that the roving reporter asked how did the half time talk go and a sub was quoted as saying ?there was not much bite to his talk but that could be because he did not have his teeth in so I could not understand a word he said?. Meanwhile back to the game and the McIntyre family were linking well down the left hand side and this lead to a cross in front of goal from Finn but no-one was on hand to slot the ball home. Kelburne grew in strength and belief and start attack after attack and Andrew struck the post with a reverse strike after some superb play. You had a feeling a goal was going to come and sure enough great link up play from both McIntyres resulted in Ian?Bambi?McIntyre slotting the ball into the bottom left hand of the goal. Neil not wanting to have to listen to his Dad reliving his goal all night had another effort saved by the keeper. 

Another through ball was collected by Finn who as he got his shot away was taken out by the keeper. The plucky eleven year old dusted himself down and got on with the game. Kelburne in the space of four minutes were rewarded with four short corners and again Ian displayed some interesting injections and on a few occasions they came close to that 2nd goal. With time running out and Kelburne pushing hard for the winner they were caught by a quick break by East Kilbride which was defended well and then East Kilbride were awarded their first short corner of the game which did not come to anything. 

The final whistle blew and the game ended East Kilbride 2nd 1 ? Kelburne 5ths 1

This was a great game to watch very open flowing game with all the youngsters coping with the game as if they had been playing for years at senior level. The other members of the team playing for the first time all seemed to enjoy it and I am sure this squad of players could finish the season in the top half of the league table.

Next game is away to Dumfries