Ladies defeat Cala



HOME: KELBURNE 2                                  AWAY: CALA EDINBURGH 1

VENUE: GLASGOW GREEN                      PUSH BACK: 1.30pm


1st Half

The opening game of the season was at the newly appointed home of kelburne Glasgow Green. Under newly appointed coach Adam Bain and Steve Bain the ladies 1?s were eager to get underway. The game started with kelburne dictating play and putting the cala defence under pressure, however a young spritely cala team came into their own and began to step up the pitch having some good build up play from the middle of the pitch making the kelburne defence work hard to clear the ball. Throughout the first half kelburne keeper Lauren Grant was called into action on a number of occasions. Despite the pressure in the defence, Kelburne continued to create chances and secured their first short corner of the game. A straight strike was played by Drew Berry and saved by the cala keeper, however the ball fell to Caitlin Girdwood at the baseline who then reversed flicked the ball into the goal. Kelburne celebrated their first goal of the season however remained focussed to see out the first half, with the score standing at 1-0.

2nd Half

After a stern team talk from coach Adam Bain, Kelburne returned to the pitch after half time with more vigour and determination, having most of the play. Some excellent transitions across the pitch from defence to midfield and into the forward line demonstrated the hard work that kelburne had put into preseason. Cala began to tire as Kelburnes fitness proved to be difficult for them to deal with. However with Kelburne playing so high up the pitch a break from the cala defence high into Kelburnes own half left the kelburne defence exposed with only 2 defenders left to deal with 4 attacking players.

The ball was moved quickly from the right hand side of the pitch to the left hand side where a cala player was at back post to slot the ball into the net. With the score standing at 1-1Kelburne continued to pile on the pressure winning a number of short corners in succession. After considerable pressure in the opponents ?D?  the ball fell to Amy Hyslop who from Top ?D? hit a fantastic reverse shot, which hit the cala players foot. With some good decision making from umpire Dawn Alexander advantage was given and Kelburne captain Stevie McInally coolly played the ball around the keeper and flicked it into the net making it 2-1 to kelburne. With 4 minutes left on the clock kelburne maintained possession until the final whistle was blown.

The squad was delighted with their first win of the season. Next week the ladies take on the 2 Dundee teams: Wanderers away on Saturday and home to Grove on Sunday. With both coach and manager away the team will have to remain disciplined throughout the weekend if they are to be successful.