4th XI earn draw but lose influential striker

Kelburne 4XI v Clydesdale 4XI Saturday 5th October

Kelburne 4's travelled to Titwood this week to take on Clydesdale 4's, after a week out Kelburne were hoping to hit the ground running with a win.

From the push-back the match was even with early pressure from both sides until Clydesdale took the lead with a scrappy shot that beat 'keeper Blair Martin and put Clydesdale in front.

Kelburne, however, did not drop their heads and instead were spurred on applying heavy pressure on the Cydesdale defence, before winning a short corner. The injection from skipper James Currie eventually came to Steve Bain who hit a low composed drive into the far post, which beat the keeper and found the backboard. This levelled the score bringing Kelburne right back into the game.

The scores weren't level for long though as Clydesdale, made a surging run from midfield (regardless of the two times it hit their players feet) and after a scrap for the ball in the D, Clydesdale put the ball in the goal and the score became Clydesdale 2- Kelburne 1. No time was wasted though with regards of getting the score level with an attack from Kelburne resulting in a goal line scrap for the ball between: Alan 'Alfie' Gillies, the goal keeper and the a Clydesdale defender. Although, against all odds, Alfie converted the ball on his reverse stick whilst lying on his back! This levelled the scores whilst also creating a laugh amongst some of the Kelburne players.

Just before the end of the half, Kelburne's lead was extended with a free hit at the edge of the twenty five. The ball was played into the D and then poorly controlled by a defender allowing the ball to fall to Flute, who swept the ball past the keeper and giving the lead to Kelburne before half time.

At half time, the scores were Clydesdale 4's 2 - 3 Kelburne 4's.

The second half got off to a horrible start, when a ball to Alfie ended with a disgusting take out by the keeper from behind sweeping Alfie off his feet, dislocating his left knee. Despite the lack of intent to take the ball and damage caused by the keeper, he somehow stayed on the pitch much to the disbelief and anger of everyone in the Kelburne side. With Alfie now out of the game and on his way to hospital the game was restarted with a penalty flick.
The flick was taken by Jak O'Connell, who surprised everyone by actually converting it! Even if it was right down the middle of the goal. This put Kelburne two goals ahead.

Clydesdale, though, were not put off and kept applying pressure to the Kelburne back four which eventually paid off when a drive into the D dragged Blair off his line allowing a pass to an attacker who fired into the empty net, reducing the deficit from two goals to just one.

An equaliser was almost scored when Blair, cleared a shot off the post causing the ball  to come back along the goal line and if it weren't for a piece of great defending by Donald Campbell then the the ball would have easily been put into the goal, but was instead played out for a side ball to Clydesdale.

The equaliser came not five minutes later when a topped shot came into the D and Blair's clearance only went as far as his other shin pad and ended up in the goal, and drawing the scores level.

Blair redeemed himself though on the last minute when a late Clydesdale attack ended with a two on one but before the ball could be passed Blair came sliding in and the ball was cleared allowing the umpire to end the match.

The final score was Clydesdale 4's 4 - 4 Kelburne 4's

Alfie was taken to the Victoria Infirmary and everyone in the club wishes him a speedy recovery.