Thomsons Cycles 2nd XI win in Capital

Thomsons Kelburne 2nd XI vs Grange 3rd XI

The Kelburne squad turned up to Edinburgh Academy on an overcast Saturday, looking to recover from a shaky start to the season. After a strong warm up, the team went into the game with the goal of maintaining their discipline throughout the match.

The game began with Kelburne having much of the possession due to high tempo, conservative play around the back and in midfield, taking advantage of cracks in the slack Grange press. Scoring began when Sam McKinnon won a short corner on the right hand side of the D, which was promptly converted when a strike from Craig Morton was deflected by a Grange defender into the net. 1-0 Kelburne. After another few minutes of Kelburne domination, Harry Godfrey played a 40 yard ball to an unmarked JG Shepard, who then entered the D and rolled the ball past a baffled Grange keeper. 2-0. Despite frustration from several failed breaks, Kelburne kept up the pressure on the Edinburgh team, and were eventually rewarded in the later stages of the first half when a pass from McKinnon was deflected by Andrew Duff between the Grange keepers legs.

HT; Thomsons Kelburne 2nd XI 3, Grange 0

After a moralizing half time talk from Fraser Scott and Fraser Hutchison, who were relaying knowledge from their central positions on the pitch. With this encouragement, the refocused Paisley side roared into the second half and the cavalcade of goals commenced again. The first such goal came in only a few minutes, when a rebound from Miles Goldie was scored by Shepard a few yards off the line. 4-0. Keeping this momentum going, it wasn?t long before Grange found themselves under pressure in the circle again, and an inevitable penalty corner was won. This time the ball was slipped right before being passed back into Morton, who claimed his second goal of the game from the penalty spot. 5-0. With only a few distractions in the form of inconsequential breaks from Grange, Kelburne soon scored again, when Miles Goldie drove from the baseline to top D, before striking the ball low into the goal. 6-0. Eventually, the effort of completely outclassing their opposition began to take its toll, and Grange were given a short corner. However, this would only work against them, as not only was the ball cleared by the Burne defence, it then found its way to Fabian Goldie, who flicked the ball over the keeper while the majority of the Grange team was still in the other half. 7-0. Soon after, McKinnon again assisted the younger forwards when he played the ball to Shepard at top D, who took the ball on his reverse and blasted it past a floundering Grange keeper. 8-0. Unwilling to relent until the final whistle, Kelburne kept their composure despite exhaustion, and Hutchison passed the ball across the D to Miles Goldie, who deflected the ball from a distance into the net for the final goal of the match.

FT; Thomsons Kelburne 2nd XI  Grange 0

An encouraging game for the Burne to be sure, but the team is in no way complacent and are determined to win back the league title.

Kelburne next play Edinburgh University 2nd XI away on Saturday 19th October.
Match Report Harry Godfrey