Join the new Forum!

The club and its teams used to organise themselves via an online forum. Unfortunately, it had to be replaced so we're now launching a new one. The club's forum has always been a great way for club members to communicate and organise in private. There's always a lot to keep up with and it makes that easier for everyone.

Signing up is very easy but a Google account is a prerequisite. A lot people will have these already but for the ones that don't, creating one is quite easy. So, to join the new forum....

Step 1

You need to have a Google account to join the Kelburne forum. Do you already have a Google account? If you have a Gmail address or an Android phone (Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc) you'll have one already so skip to Step 2 below and use your existing details.

If you don't have either of these then it's easy to create a new Google account - please note that having a Google account doesn't mean you have to use their Gmail system - you can continue using whatever email address (Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL etc) you already have. The Google account only acts as login credentials. If you need to create a Google account go here, fill in the form and then go to Step 2:

Step 2

Visit the link below:

Click on 'Apply for Membership' and then pick a name that you want to be known as. Your request will then be processed and you'll receive an email notification.

If you have any difficulties please contact: