Attention Parents!: Junior Indoor Training

Dear Parent,


Junior indoor training sessions are scheduled to start on Tuesday 7th October, with sessions running between 6pm and 8pm.


Last year we were pretty much faced with an exceptionally high number of kids, in a tight area, making training sessions both unproductive and more importantly from a safety point of view, unmanageable.

In order to plan ahead we are canvasing the parents to find out the range and number of players who wish to attend these sessions.


Please Note: That any players wishing to be considered for selection to the Kelburne Junior U14, U12 and U10 indoor teams for the west district competitions will have to attend indoor training.


Depending upon numbers, sessions may only be run every two weeks for each category we decide to offer, but first we have to gauge the numbers, so we would be most grateful if you could reply by doing the following;


Send and an email to;

Subject to state: junior indoor training (with any of the below as appropriate)


i.e. if your child is a boy 8 or under simply put junior indoor training m 08 in the subject box


F 08      female 8 or under

F 10      female 9-10

F 12      female 11-12

F 14      female 13-14


M 08     male 8 or under

M 10     male 9-10

M 12     male 11-12

M 14     male 13-14


The email body text to be blank with no comments or explanations please as we won?t have time to respond.
(it?s for survey results only an a quick count of who we have to cater for).


If the coaches consider the category your child is initially placed in proves to be too difficult or not challenging enough then they may be moved to another group at the behest of the coaches.




Details of arrangements for indoor training will be posted on the web site on Sunday 5th October.


Thank you for your assistance.


Kind regards


Steve Bain
Kelburne Hockey Club
Youth Convenor
Mob: 07837 798360 Home: 0141 849 6182 email: