Young 5th Team in Close Call

Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne 5's.    3
Stepps.                                          4


Stepps were the quicker team out of the starting blocks and had Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne on the back foot and may have opened the scoring on the first attack if it was not for the quick action of Ogilvie in goals who pulled off a fine save.  The team began to find their feet and pass the ball around from the back into the channels trying to advance up the pitch towards the Stepps goal but were losing the ball in midfield. On one occasion the ball was quickly pushed to the Stepps forward who won a short corner which they failed to convert. Stepps scored after nine minutes and this was mainly due to having the defence under pressure which lead to a mistake and the ball was crashed home. Stepps were awarded another short corner which again they failed to convert.

Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne began to come more and more into this game and young Finn Halliday scored his first senior goal with a quick shot as he entered the D which caught the Stepps defence napping. The possession for the next few minutes were equally shared with neither team creating goal scoring chances. On the twenty minute mark Stepps were given a penalty flick which was disputed by the team but Ogilvie yet again made a brilliant save.  As the clock counted down to halftime it did not look like either team would score and typically, as is the case, Stepps did manage to find a way through the defence and the ball finished behind the helpless Ogilvie.

Halftime  Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne 5?s  1 ? 2 Stepps 3?s

The second half stared more brightly with Kelburne winning a short corner after three minutes but the shot was saved by the keeper and bounced to safety. Stepps then began to look the better team and created more scoring chances. In the eighth and twelfth minutes they scored two quick fire goals. The young Kelburne team were not finished yet and they dug deep and fought hard for the ball and each other and soon began to turn the tide.  Finn Halliday collected a long ball out of defence from Macpherson and went on a drive to the base line as recently taught at training. When he went to pull the ball back to top D he noticed there was no support so calmly slotted the ball past the keeper from tight on the base line. This spurred the team on and they drove hard at the Stepps defence looking for another goal and on the thirty second minute they got that goal. From an infringement Farndale fired a quick ball into the D while the other team were trying to organise themselves and this ball ran through to Fraser Whiting at the back post who slotted the ball under the keeper for his first senior goal. The remaining minutes of the game were played out in the middle of the park with neither team creating a scoring opportunity.

Final score Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne 5?s  3 ? 4 Stepps 3?s

Considering this week?s team only had one adult it was a good performance from the youngsters. It is nice to see they are beginning to take what they are learning at training to the game on a Saturday. I must say Stepps also had a team made up of mainly youngsters but did have more adults which seemed to make a difference however it was nice to see youth have a chance.

 Next week Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne 5?s will be away to Ayr 1