Outstanding Membership Fees - your Club needs you now.

Dear Members
Unfortunately the Committee have to remind the membership that match fees for the Hockey season are outstanding and need to be paid quickly, by on-line/cheque payment, or by setting up your Standing Order while there remains time to do so.
This year,  every SHU Club has to pay their Annual SHU Fees in 1 payment, versus the previous staged payment process through the season.   As the most successful club in Scotland, our fees for the year are £6,000 for this year and are due now.    This covers all Scottish Hockey Competition fees, SHU registration and insurance cover  and it's our duty to ensure we pay this in full without incurring additional cost penalties.
Your Club needs you to pay your fees now - please support your Club and your team by setting this up now.   For clarity of your fee/payment structure for this season, please click th  Useful Documents Link to take you to the Standing Order 2014-2015 template and complete/drop off at the Club FAO Fraser Hutchison (Men) or Jennifer Morgan (Ladies).  Alternatively you can pay on-line or send a cheque with your form to Raymond Nelson, 39 Hawkhead Road, Paisley.
If any enquiries, please address them to kelburnesecretary@gmail.com where you will be assured a response with guidance as required.
Thank you once again for your continued support.
Summary Table of Fee structure
Membership Payment Costs & Options
Men 1s £300 £100 x 3 £50 x 6  
Men 2s £300 £100 x 3 £50 x 6  
Men 3s £250 £83.33 x 3 £41.66 x 6  
Men 4s £250 £83.33 x 3 £41.66 x 6  
Men 5s £250 £83.33 x 3 £41.66 x 6  
Ladies 1s £300 £100 x 3 £50 x 6  
Ladies 2s £300 £100 x 3 £50 x 6  
Ladies 3s £250 £83.33 x 3 £41.66 x 6  
Juniors (12-17yrs)  in Dev Squad or Playing for Senior Teams £150 £50 x 3 £25 x 6  
Jockey/Juniors under 12yrs old £50 - -  
Family Membership For Families with more than 2 players @ same address. 3rd member onwards receives 50% discount against lowest value category. EG : A Mens 1s & Mens 3s player is £550. The 3rd member plays for Mens 5s = £125.  This applies to Junior Memberships also eg : £50 x 2 and 3rd @ £25). Contact kelburnesecretary@gmail.com for any enquries
NB :  Fees due by August 31st 2014.  Help your Club - PAY ON TIME
                NB  : Cricket Members payment is reduced by £50 (covered by Cricket Subs)