Men's 2's in hard fought win

Thomson's Cycles Kelburne 1
Clydesdale                              0

Kelburne started the game after a good warm up. Clydesdale had the ball at push back and Kelburne pressured their defence straight away. The possession mostly belonged to the Kelburne defensive line within the first 10 minutes waiting for an opportune moment to feed the ball into midfield or to pass long to the forward line. Kelburne were strong on attack winning a total of two corners in the first half which were narrowly missed from the top of the circle. Despite Kelburne's efforts to break through the Clydesdale defence and ultimately score a goal the half ended 0-0. Kelburne unable to break the deadlock.

The second half was underway, which started with a Kelburne pushback. With Clydesdale trying to hit balls through the team's press Kelburne were forced to defend well. All of Clydesdale's attempts were stopped by the Kelburne defensive line, which kept the score at 0-0. The possession was even between the two sides in the second half, however neither team looked like scoring. It wasn't until the last ten minutes that the game started to brighten up with the Kelburne beginning to find gaps within their oppositions set up. With players becoming anxious that their winning streak in the league so far this year was soon to be over, the entire team dug deep. It was with five minutes to go that Andrew Bremner touched the ball past the Clydesdale goalkeeper to award Kelburne the 1-0 lead. After defending hard for a further five minutes Kelburne managed to see off their opponents and continue their winning streak.