K3s vs K4s in Kelburne Derby

Kelburne Mens 3s vs Kelburne Mens 4s - 27.10.16

Kelburne 3s eased to a 5-1 victory over the 4s in the inter-club derby although it wasn't quite as easy as the scoreline suggests. The game started brightly for the 4s who claimed 2 PCs in the opening 5 minutes which came to no avail due to poor execution. The 3s then started to take the upper-hand and scored their first goal with a neat Donaldson/Tervit move, releasing a weight pass to Rory Anderson who squared across the D for Davy Bone to notch yet another goal on his backboard. A great move and a very good goal. Number 2 quickly followed with a move between Ciaran and Rory which resulted in Dick thrashing the ball home with reverse stick from just 3 yards out. The game was getting a little tetchy between some of the senior players being very vocal, but ending with a green card for Youngster Jay for backchat to the umpire.. Half-Time - 2-0 for Kelburne 3s The second half started quietly as the 4s GK had to leave early so a kicking-back operation was enabled and worked well for the 4s as it surprised the 3s forwards who became reluctant in front of goal. However, eventually the 3rd goal came from the stick of Johnny Hughes from just inside the penalty spot. 3-0 for the 3s but with the 4s still pushing hard to gain foothold in the game, a nice worked move down the left put Jak O'Connell of the 4s free across the top of the D and despite a last minute attempt by Logan McClure to get to the ball, he thrashed it low and hard into the net past his right foot. For a few minutes, the 4s then took control and could have got a 2nd goal but it took a nice move from Dick to squeeze the ball home to return to the 3-goal cushion and a 4-1 lead. It wouldnt be long before another quick move from these 3 youngsters result in Johnny missing an open goal from 5 yards out. So far the miss of the season for sure..! Another drag flick PC from Niall Taylor forced a miracle save by stand-in keeper Steve Bain. The 5th goal soon came from a well-executed PC into the bottom corner from Davy Fowler which proved to be the final goal of the night and a 5-1 victory for the 3s team, taking them to 2nd position in the league with a game in hand. Final SCORE 5-1