Pro-Life Kelburne Mens 2s Beat Menzieshill 2s

Kelburne 2XI (4) - Menzieshill 2XI (0) : 21.10.17

Kelburne 2s were eager to get a win after a inconsistent start of the season.. Missing a few players due to holidays the squad was motivated to keep the 3 points in Glasgow. Kelburne displayed one of their better performances and did not give Menzieshill a chance to get in the game. The team was rewarded for their efforts when Rory McClure scored a tap in goal after some great work by Andrew Duff. After the first goal Kelburne continued to put a lot of pressure on the opposition and scored another goal through Ross McPherson who displayed his 3D and finishing skills after a great pass by Bob Martin down the line. The team had a good halftime chat where slight adjustments were made, still not giving Menzieshill a chance to get settled into the game Kelburne continued their first half play. A third goal was scored by Philip Nijsen who had an easy job after great work done by Andrew Duff once again. Despite the lead Kelburne never stopped working hard and putting in a lot of effort. Mark Connor scored the last goal, finalizing the score at 4:0. A well deserved win for Kelburne.