Pro-Life Kelburne Mens 2s Beat Uddingston 2s

Kelburne Mens 2s v Uddingston Mens 2s  -  28/10/17

Kelburne saw an early start to Saturday morning, making their way to Uddingston for a 10:30 push back. Following a successful weekend, when Kelburne managed to seal 2 wins from 2, the team was determined to build on these positives and pursuing them into the following game.

It was evident that Kelburne were not fully hyped up for the game, following a fairly sloppy warm up compared to a determined Uddingston side. It took some time for the team to settle, which finally lead to a break from defence to just outside Uddingstons D. The ball was slipped out to the left from Frazer Hutchison in the centre, where Connor Bain was able to run it into the D, and a short corner was awarded. Kelburne saw a quick pull out to Ross Macpherson, who slipped it past the keeper and into the goal (1-0). Upon a successful short corner, Kelburne weren’t expecting an eager Uddingston side to react so well, and let the opposition steal their first goal, to even the score sheet out (1-1). Heads went down, although it was noticed and Kelburne kept the positive chat up, and carried on. Kelburne managed to demonstrate some great aspects of play, in which the opposition could not keep up. This lead to some fantastic field play from the midfield, who were able to work the ball into the D and Andrew Duff at back post, was ready to grab his first goal of the season (2-1).


The team talk set heads straight again, as both teams made their way on to the field, following a frustrating first half. Kelburne worked hard to further the win, but just couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net. Uddingston did well to keep kelburne out and threaten the Kelburne side with some quick entries into their D. Kelburne fought hard and won a short corner, which allowed defender, Frazer Scott to take Kelburne's lead further, with a straight strike from the top of the D, into the back boards (3-1). Both teams began to tire, making things difficult for one another and a green card was issued to the Kelburne side. It didn’t take long for Kelburne to capitalise on yet another opportunity, where a fantastic ball, worked around the defence, came screaming into the Uddinston D. Unexpectedly, young forward Kieran, nipped through the oppositions defence and tapped the ball into the net (4-1). It wasn’t over yet, as Uddinston were able to fight their way past tired Kelburne legs and into the D. A short corner was awarded, which in turn brought the score to 4-2. Towards the end of the game, both coaches were kindly ordered to leave the pitch and cool off elsewhere, after frustrations became too much to handle, for some. The whistle sounded, and Kelburne was relieved to seal a 3rd consecutive win and another 3 points on the table.  

F/T (4-2)