Pro-Life Kelburne Men's 2s Beat Hillhead 6-1

On 11.11.17 the Kelburne 2s Were Up Against Hillhead

Continuing their good start to this season, having put a 'St Mirren-esque' season of last year behind them (where if everyone is honest the twos should have been relegated), the current season has been a pleasant surprise. Saturday's match was testament to this where they produced a performance that many would have thought impossible for them to pull off, winning by a five-goal margin.

It was a slow start for Kelburne - Hillhead took full advantage of this in the opening minutes when Mikey Nicol was disposed and Hillhead took a fine chance but luckily for Kelburne they were bailed out by the cross bar.  Kelburne responded well to the early pressure, making a quick counter which resulted in Andy Duff's deflected shot going in following a good ball in from C. Caldwell.  Hillhead was left like rabbits in the headlights when Kelburne doubled their lead through Rory McClure. "I really hope something good happens soon" said a nervous Hillhead player following the initial Kelburne dominance.. Hillhead was rewarded with a short corner but it came to nothing following Logan McClure making a fine save. Following some good build up play which resembled that of the Spanish national team circa 2010 (Football!) C. Wilcox played a wicked fast ball from a straight drop on to R. Wallace - no goal this time.  Play continued with a goal from C. Caldwell before half time.  

HT 3 Kelburne - 0 Hillhead 

There was a buoyant atmosphere amongst the Kelburne players at half time and Colin made an inspiring talk. Sadly, however, this did not last long as Hillhead took their revenge scoring a very forgettable goal which was overshadowed by an infinitely better Kelburne goal. The Galaticos-esque passing continued from the first half which lead to this third goal which was scored following more good service into the D by Duff and was tucked away by C. Caldwell for his second of the afternoon. Yet more good Kelburne play followed with Duff making a run which made Marandonna's run against England in the 1988 World cup look rubbish except for the fact he didn't actually score. He did however redeem himself by scoring soon after, it was alright. Then M. Nicol scored a drag flick from a short corner. Poor discipline gripped Kelburne with both S. Robin and J.G. getting shown yellow cards. Hillhead made some pressure but Kelburne stood firm and did not concede. 

FT 6 Kelburne - 1 Hillhead

Stat - D penetrations: Kelburne 21 Hillhead 14

A big shout out to Niall Taylor for providing such in depth and enlightening Match notes. 

In conclusion this game may well go down in history in the minds of many Kelburne players who so valiantly put Hillhead in their place. While there is a long way to go in this season, there is already a marked improvement from last season where goals were hard to find and squad numbers low. And isn't that something we all like to see.