Pro-life Ladies 3s Lose to Glasgow Uni 2s

Pro-life Kelburne Ladies 3s Miss Out vs Strong Glasgow Uni Ladies 2s - 29.1.17

At Glasgow Green, Kelburne Ladies 3's hosted Glasgow University Ladies 2's in the West District Second Division. Starting well the Paisley side caused the university side problems and claimed a corner within the first five minutes. Unfortunately this was unconverted and Glasgow Uni broke to open the scoring. Kelburne kept attacking and unfortunately by stepping high up the pitch gaps did open up which Glasgow Uni capitalized on. At half time the score was unflattering at 6-0. Nevertheless, the team reshaped and came back out to effectively win the second half. Player coach Rachael Ewing-Day scored an individual goal in the 50th minute to enthuse the young squad. Then young Eliza Caven's persistence paid off when she dispossessed a defender and skipped by another before carefully picking out a pass to Lucy Dunlop who easily tapped it past the University squad's keeper. The game finished 6-2 to the visitors, however with lots of positive play the Kelburne squad look forward to welcoming Western Wildcats to Glasgow Green next Saturday.