The moment you’ve all been waiting for - the new Kelburne kit has arrived!

Team captains will let you know when and where you can pitch up to try the new kit items on for size.

If your existing kit is almost new and/or fits you well you don’t have to make the change immediately, the current Kelburne Stanno kit has reached its end and stocks are almost exhausted. Kit Bundle buys are subsidised by the club.

See explanation below giving the rationale behind the move to the new-look kit:

Dear Member, Player, Parent,

A short note to inform our membership that we have reached the end of our playing deal with Stanno and we will move to our new Kelburne kit from 2019, our 50th birthday year.   

Our 1st XI Gents team are already enjoying this quality kit and we will phase in our other teams, Ladies, Gents & Juniors, over the next 3 months.   Your playing Rep (coach or captain) will pass on more information to you in the coming weeks. Samples are already in circulation across the Ladies teams and gents samples will be in circulation this week. 

We are returning to our original amber colour for the next 4 years when the next kit refresh will take place (the Stanno kit only lasts 3 years) and we’ve teamed up with the Adidas brand for our on-field playing kit and selected quality non-branded training kit (e.g. hoodies, track-pants, padded jackets) for the rest of our kit.  Over the 4 year term, this is a better overall deal for players.

The Club will subsidise the first order bundle we make to Gilmour Sports to get teams up and running quickly. You will see the details in the order form your representative will have when taking your sizes and order.  You can also order ‘strip only’ by simply selecting in the box provided, however this price is not subsidised.   

After this one-time only Club order, all future individual strip or bundle kit orders will only be taken on-line at the Gilmour Sports website, which will be updated to reflect the new kit available.   It’s worth noting that teams playing European, National & Regional League hockey often require more kit than District League teams due to the rules in place today and we have tried to reflect this in the bundles attached to each team.

We hope to place the order in the next 2 weeks for delivery around the beginning of March. Payment will not be required until delivery takes place from Gilmour Sports.

If you have any other questions, please pass them to your team rep/captain, or alternatively drop a mail to: for more information.


Kelburne Hockey Committee

Sneak preview of just a few of the new Kelburne kit items - black and amber

Sneak preview of just a few of the new Kelburne kit items - black and amber

New Playing top - black and amber

New Playing top - black and amber