Pro-Life Kelburne Ladies 2s Lose Out to Strathclyde Uni 2-3

On 10.02.18 - Kelburne took on Strathclyde Uni in their first game of the second half of the season. The first half being fairly even between the two teams with both creating chances but good work from the back four of Ellie Houston, Anna Hendry, Connie Reid and Sarah Wilson limiting their attacks along with brilliant saves from Abbie Houston. Unfortunately It was then Strathclyde that took the lead 1-0 just before half time. Starting back in the second half strath were quick on the off taking a second goal making it 2-0. However kelburne kept going with Jen Morgan and Katrina Miller playing well in mid passing it about. A short corner was then given to kelburne which after an unlucky deflection led to a penalty flick for kelburne which was then score by Ellie Houston, bringing the girls back it in 2-1. Strath then managed from a quick turn over to gain a 3rd goal bringing it to 3-1. Soon after another goal came for kelburne after a brilliant drive from Cara Bruce down the line and across the back led to a cram on the goal mouth and a joint effort of Cara and Katrina led to a second goal 3-2. Kelburne were able to gain a couple of more chances and short corners but were unfortunate with the game finishing 3-2 after great determination to try bring it back.