Kelburne Mens 5s Lose Out to Hillhead 4s

On 16.2.19 - The game started at 12 o’clock with a Kelburne taking the pushback against league leaders Hillhead 4s. After 3 minutes Hillhead scored an early goal giving Kelburne the worst possible start. Hillhead continued to push forward and were rewarded with 4 short corners which were well defended. All throughout the game there is good teamwork from Nicholas Knox and Tommy Austin up the right wing creating lots of chances to get the ball into the D. At the other end good defending by Gordon Robbie stopped Hillhead from creating many more chances in the Kelburne D. When Hillhead made it through young Fionn Wilson in goals pulled off some good saves leaving Hillhead frustrated. It was overall a pretty good half and Kelburne and they hoped that they could get back on level terms in the second half. HT Kelburne 5s 0-1 Hillhead 4s The second half started off quickly with another Hillhead goal in 2 minutes. Kelburne were disappointed but pushed forward to try and get back into the match. Jack Nelson pulled of some good tackles playing right back but got injured and had to be subbed by Andrew Stewart. Hillhead scored again 9 minutes in making it 3-0 to Hillhead leaving Kelburne with an uphill struggle. Andrew McGrane received a pass at the Hillhead 25 and drives towards the D but is unfortunately tackled a few metres out. Hillhead replied with another goal in 54 minutes making it 4-0. Kelburne continued to push but it was Hillhead who scored the final goal with 3 minutes to go making it a 5-0 loss for the Kelburne 5s.

FT Kelburne 5s 0-5 Hillhead 4s - Next week Kelburne 5s hope to bounce back against Uddingston 4s with a 12 o’clock pushback at Glasgow Green.