Kelburne Mens' 5s Brilliant Draw vs Anchor 1s 4-4

On Saturday 7.9.19 - First minute chasing upfront the ball pushed into kelburne d but shot went wide - Good skills from Dillon on left to keep possession for kelburne Break into kelburne d but shot blocked by Fionn Wilson and rebound goes wide but off a foot short corner, chased down by Aaron O’Hear shot stopped and Aaron beat 4 before being brought down. Big flick on 5th minute clears the k back line and put in by anchor for 1-0. Jack Nelson and Aaron combine for a run up the right but cleared away Tommy Austin passed nice to nick in d but can’t get a shot off 8 mins - great pass from Mike Cranachan to Charlie Finney and puts it past keeper but narrowly past the post.. good hustle by Tommy in centre to keep possession 10mins ball over top again and Sam Hunt clears it. Ball into d from the side but goes wide Flick from Sam to Charlie taken down and passed into d from Mike Cranachan but cleared by anchor 12 mins Sam clears dangerous attack to Callum Brown to clear 13 and Callum B passed into d but no one can get on it Callum B and Jack Nelson combine to break up park but it was cleared by a defender, 15 mins and anchor break into d and get their second goal 2-0. Mazy run from Callum Stewart but cleared by anchor who break down park into d but pressure from Gary b forces the shot wide Dylan Bradley clears in the d Good pressure from Nic Knox forces the ball out on the right Callum B and Tommy comibine to pass through but ball goes out the line 18 mins ball in from Mike to Tommy and into d for nic just too tight for a shot Ball into d and Callum S finds a foot short corner kelburne Tommy injects and mike hits it but cleared by defender tommy finds a foot again and another short injected by tommy to Sam on to mike in the d but defence clears 21 ball breaks in kelburne d but pushed wide 23 and pressure from anchor cleared by Gary 25 and Charlie combined with tommy then a pass through for Callum S but he can’t quite reach it 26 and another flick over the top the player falls over but foul given much to the annoyance of the crowd penalty flick given and scored 3-0 28 mins Gary dribbled out and finds a foot Mick passed to Charlie who knocks it on for nic but just too far to reach Ball into d and Gary plays superb to clear 30 mins nick breaks into d and just squeezed wide of post Andrew McGraine to Aaron in centre who runs 10 yards and passes to Charlie just too hard for him to reach Lovely pick up from Callum B but surrounded by 3 finds a foot but foul given the other way Gary passes to nic who leaves it to run on and defenders have to knock it out 35 and shot from Sam cleared by defence Ball into d to Charlie passed to nic who shoots but stopped by keeper and the half time whistle goes 10 mins and ball in from Dillon to nic good pressure on defence Callum B breaks into d and finds a foot - Tommy injects to mike and goal kelburne 3-1. 10 mins and anchor break up field and score and it’s 4-1 14 mins Mike heads up the right to Andrew then Callum B into d but can’t find a striker 15 and Dylan into Callum S who dummies and defence needs to clear 16 ball cleared by Callum B in the d and pressure on their attackers gains a foul Interception Sam runs up onto Callum B but can’t quite get a shot off 23 mins. Good pressure from Aaron rewarded with a short corner Injected by Gary to Sam shot and just wide 25 and Callum b passes to Aaron long run pass to tommy who 1-2’s it back to Aaron in d goal kelburne 4-2 27 mins Ball in to Aaron stopped well but swing and miss on the opposition d 30 and high ball again driven into kelburne d cleared by Sam, Callum S onto Aaron onto Charlie - shot saved and Callum S chipped over the keeer, goal 4-3! Mike on to Callum S passed onto Aaron and goal 4-4. Charlie onto Aaron ran into d but defender ushers it out and the crowd is going crazy..

Full time and 4-4 - great game from the youngsters and well deserved point for the team.