Kelburne Ladies' 3s Beat GHK 3s - 3-0

On Saturday 21.9.19 - the Ladies 3s played against GHK with a home fixture at Glasgow Green. The game started off looking like it would be a tough game for the Ladies with game play being very balanced between the teams. The team had several chances in the D but were unable to capitalise on them. In the last ten minutes of the first half a beautiful cross from Charley Austin found Kerri McGinnty on the far post who hit the ball into the goal, scoring the first goal of the game and putting Kelburne ahead 1-0 at half time. The second half started with a GHK push back and they were keen to attack hard. Kelburne were keen to keep their lead and won a short corner. An injection from Kerri McGinnty to Emma Ryan at top D with in a shot on target which was blocked by a foot on the line, resulting in a penalty flick for Kelburne. Emma Ryan stepped up to take it with the team watching in anticipation. A beautiful low ball played to the right hand side of the keeper hit the backboard with a satisfying sound and putting Kelburne further ahead with a 2-0 lead. Entering the final quarter of the game, Kelburne were pushing hard for a third goal. Balls were played hard down the lines seeking high placed forwards looking to connect and consolidate Kelburne’s lead. A shot on target resulted in a rebound ball reaching Molly Mitchell just right of the penalty spot. With the goalkeeper in front of her and defenders ready to tackle, Molly lifted the ball high over the keepers head (while everyone collectively held their breath) and into the back of the net giving Kelburne the 3- 0 lead they were seeking. Overall, a wonderful game of hockey which resulted in a well deserved win for Kelburne. Well done to Kerri McGinnty (MVP team and opposition) and Charley Austin (workhorse).