Kelburne Mens 3s Narrowly Miss Out to Hillhead 4s

ProLife Kelburne Mens 3s Lose to Hillhead 4s - 12.11.16

A veteran Kelburne 3's went up against their fellow tablet toppers Hillhead 4s on pitch 1 at Glasgow Green. The 1st half was a end to end affair with both teams battling for the first goal. Kelburne's defense snuffed out any chances Hillhead had but, with the experience of Tervit and Singh up front with Mc Nichol's chasing the opposition down, chances came and went for the 3's. An injury to Dick Donaldson with 15 mins of the first half remaining meant a reshuffle of the personnel. With the first half coming to an end Stuart Robin earned a green card for a tackle deemed rash by the umpire. Half time score 0-0 Kelburne started strongly in the second half with a couple of quick chances that were not taken. Hillhead then took control of the game with 2 goals form individual errors from the Kelburne defense who were trying to force ball in to areas that were to congested, Hillhead taking full advantage. With the 3's pushing to get back in the game Hillhead got their 3rd of the match. Kelburne finally got on the score sheet with a cheeky finish from Billy Anderson with a deft touch past the on rushing Hillhead keeper. With the 3's pushing to get back in to the game Stuart Robin gained a yellow card for another questionable tackle. With the last 5 mins of the game Kelburne got another goal from an unlikely source. Richard Morgan had roamed forward from his left back position and managed to deflect a waist high shot/pass from David Fowler into the roof of the net. Sadly the come back stopped there with Hillhead managing to hold out. Overall another frustrating game for the 3's who had numerous chances to draw/win the game, including a missed penalty, but came up short.

The 3's will play Uddingston 2s at 4:30 next Saturday