Hockey Subscriptions due by 31st Aug - Please READ

Hockey Membership Fees are now due for the coming 2016-2017 season. The deadline is 31st Aug 2016.  Competition Entry Costs have increased and payments have to be made earlier in the year.   It’s vital therefore that everyone pays on-time to ensure the Club can pay their fees to the various Hockey Associations on-time and avoid penalties being imposed.

Membership Benefits

  1. Senior Fees paid on-line, in full,  by 31st Aug receive 10% discount
  2. All 12-17 year old Junior fees are standardized for efficiency
  3. Student Discount reduction to attract more University players
  4. Various Standing Orders options available to spread payment
  5. 3 and 6 Mth Standing Order available only up to 31st Oct
  6. Family Membership Discount Available

New Members

  • All new Members are required to complete a membership form (available behind the bar or on-line in the Forum). Send to Club Membership Secretary,  Raymond Nelson online or at 39 Hawkhead Road, Paisley. These are for insurance purposes.

Payment Methods

  • Electronic Banking :  Please note correct Bank A/C is 06003133 on Sort Code 80-09-29
  • Cheque :  Please leave in an envelope behind the bar for Raymond Nelson or alternatively post to him at 39 Hawkhead Road, Paisley, PA1 3NE

No Pay / No Play Policy

  • Any member or player not having paid their subscription, or commenced their Standing order by 31st October, will not be selected for any team until the appropriate fee is paid in full.


2016-2017 Season Fees                 Full                3mth S/O             6 mth S/O

Senior Men/Ladies 1s                     £300   or       £100 x 3        or       £50 x 6 

Senior Men 2s                                  £250             £83.33 x 3               £41.67 x 6 

Senior Men 3/4/5s                           £200            £66.67 x 3               £33.33 x 6 

Senior Ladies 2s/3s                         £200             £66.67 x 3               £33.33 x 6 

Student Fee (>18yrs with card)      £150              £50 x 3                    £25 x 6 

Boys / Ladies Jun(12-17yrs)            £150              £50 x 3                    £25 x 6 

Boys/Girls Jockey (<= 11yrs)             £85              1 payment

Hockey Social Membership             £45              1 payment 

Family Membership:  Any 3rd paying family member in group receives 50% discount from subsEG : Mens 1s @ £300 +  Mens 5s @ £200 + Junior @ £75 (previously £150). All enquiries to


1.    Fees due by August 31st 2016 per Club Constitution rules.  Help your Club - PAY ON TIME

2.    Full Payment or Standing Orders NOT set-up by end-October will result in non-selection for training/playing

3.     Apply 10% Discount at your on-line ordering point if transferred by Aug 31st

4.     Cricket Members payment is reduced by £50 (covered by Cricket Subs)