Pro-Life Kelburne Mens 2s Beat Western Wildcats 2s

Pro-Life Kelburne Men's 2s vs Western Wildcats Men's 2s

4.11.17 - Away Game at Auchenhowie

  With a strong team on Saturday morning, Kelburne had a slow start to the game with a lack of communication in the opening minutes due to the cold weather.  An early 5-minute goal from Western put Kelburne on the back foot. The goal was due to stupid mistakes, starting from the forward line with a lack of communication from midfield giving the young Western boys a 1v1 on Doughie McEwan who made an excellent save, but the ball then managed a sloppy tap-in afterwards putting them a goal ahead. If anything, this boosted Kelburne's performance and they then started to dominate the game (One of the young Western boys even commenting on this whilst marking the forward line!).  With little over 3 minutes to go, Andrew Duff equalized the score unnerving the opposition, 1-1. A few minutes later Duff then managed to put one over the bar giving Murray, Western's goalie, a fright! 

H/T Western 1 - Kelburne 1

   Kelburne quickly took control of the second half and continued to press the Western youngsters regaining the ball every time they tried to take possession. With only 8 minutes gone in the second half, Duff passed along the front of the goalie from a great run into the D and passed giving Rory a secure deflection into the backboard!  2-1 at last. Kelburne's structure fell away a bit after that and the boys started to play as individuals.  However, the Kelburne boys were determined to up the goal tally. On the 12th minute Lenny motored down the pitch and took a great strike at goal but it went wide.  Youngster Niall Taylor then drove the ball down the pitch to youngster Ross Wallace who crossed to Duff to take a strike.  Western took the ball forward this time but Connor quickly regained possession and drove the ball back down to a screaming Tom who took a shot. 18 mins gone and Fraser H drove forward (looking threatening) with the ball to Duff.  Western then missed a short corner - Lenny was quick to take possession passing to youngster Ciaran Wilcox who quickly passed the ball on to Duff.  The Western goalie then broke play with a minor injury.  Western were looking like they might score at times but Kelburne kept possession for the last 2 minutes of the game and the score remained at 2-1.

As a forward line, Kelburne could have scored a couple more goals from great passes from the side of the park and straight to top D but we still secured a solid 3 points to carry on the season with.

In total, Western entered the D 7 times during the game compared to Kelburne with over 30 'D penetrations' with 7/8 short corners - think we all know what Tuesday's training session will be covering!

Goals: Duff (32 mins) Rory (43 mins)