Pro-Life Kelburne Ladies 2s Beat Perth

Pro-Life Kelburne Ladies 2s Beat Perth Ladies 1s - 25.2.17

The team only played for less than 5 minutes during the first half until we got our first goal scored by Katrina Miller putting us 1-0 up already, with a reverse sweep straight into the corner of the goal. Throughout the first half there were many stick tackles which put players at risk of getting carded however learning from this greatly improved our 2nd half of the match and there were fewer tackles. Susan made many great saves throughout both halves saving great hits with her feet but also sliding across the goal saving it with her stick. Our communication was better than it has been previously and with this skill we were able to let our team mates know if they weren't marking a player and what they were doing right but also what the best decision would be to make. The scored stayed 1-0.

The 2nd half was much more better than the first, each player made better decisions with the ball and made easier, more simple passes which gave us a bigger advantage over the other team. Tighter marking of players improved also. We had several short corners but only managed to score one, with Lucy getting a goal in, top D strike. Then Kirsty Gorman scored with a rebound. Shortly afterwards the other team scored by pushing the ball into the net, then by a penalty flick as the ball hit one of defenders foot during a short corner. The opposition scored again with a straight strike at a short corner. However the team never put their heads down which lead to holly sweeping the ball from the baseline and getting us a goal which brought the score to 4-3. Overall we had many short corner opportunities and were very close in scoring several goals.

The team achieved another 3 points today after a great game.