Kelburne Ladies 3s Miss Out to East Kilbride 1s

On Saturday 27/10/18, the Kelburne Ladies 3’s played East Kilbride. Kelburne had the first pass-back. The young Kelburne team started well but minutes into the game Carol Fenney, the team captain, was injured and had to sit out for the rest of the game. The girls were put under a lot of pressure by a more experienced adult EK team but fought back hard and did not give up. EK followed up by forcing a number of short corners that were saved by our young hawkeyed Lindsay MVP (GK) and cleared by our brilliant defenders. Unfortunately 20 minutes in, EK scored their first goal leaving Kelburne 1-0 down at half time. In the second half Kelburne came back stronger and was rewarded with more time in EK’s D and shots on goal. However EK remained dominant and were given three more short corners, one of which they scored from. EK followed this up with another goal leaving Kelburne 3-0 down. The Kelburne girls stayed strong but unluckily in the remaining minutes of the game EK managed to score once more leaving the final score line at 4-0 to EK. Next week the girls play away to Garnock and are hopeful to have their two injured adult members back on the pitch with them for a come back better than ever!