Kelburne Ladies' 2s Lose to Falkirk & Linlithgow

On Saturday 6.10.18 - The younger Kelburne women’s 2s team had first pass back against the more experienced Falkirk and Linlithgow. It was a tough first half from the very first whistle with Falkirk and Linlithgow dominating throughout. Kelburne defended well and goalie Lynn Houston gave an outstanding performance, but it was a tough score line at 0-9 at half time. It was a game of 2 halves, Kelburne came out defending stronger with many more counter attacks against Falkirk and Linlithgow. Jen Morgan took an injury to the head, but came back on to finish the match. Falkirk and Linlithgow didn’t manage to convert their short corners into goals, and again an amazing performance from goalie Lynn. After a hard fought second half the score line finished at 0-11 to Falkirk and Linlithgow after a fantastic effort from both sides. Kelburne’s women’s 2s next game will be against Edinburgh hockey club at home.