Kelburne Men's 3s Beat East Kilbride Men's HC 7-1

On Thursday 29.9.18 - East Kilbride start the game at Glasgow Green passing the ball straight to a Kelburne Defender. For the first 5 minutes or so, both teams are keen to get the ball playing up the pitch, Kelburne quickly won a Penalty Corner which Phil Nijsen scored Kelburne's first goal, a drag flick from the top of the "D" into the top left corner of the net. Within a minutes of the first goal by Kelburne, East Kilbride get a lucky ball and take it up the pitch and takes a two on one shot at goalkeeper Matthew Retson which only just touches the inside of his kicker putting the ball by behind the Goal Line for a Long Corner. Not long after Chris Nelson scores a second goal for the Burne making two - nil with a back hand volley between the left hand of the keeper and the post. At this point it was clear to see that Kelburne were the better side in this game. With a few minutes to go of the first half, Kelburne take another shot at goal with first shot being saved by the goalkeeper, Owen Donnelly makes the score line three nil pushing the ball past the goalkeeper while he is on the ground.

Half time score: Kelburne 3 East Kilbride 0

Kelburne started the second half by returning the ball back to an East kilbride Defender. From early on in the Second half it was clear to see that Kelburne had control of the game. After a short while of being in the D, Kelburne managed to win another Penalty Corner. Injected by Stevie Berry, dummed by Phil Nejsen and hit into the back of the goal by Bob Martin - adding a fourth goal to the score line. Within moments of the fourth goal being scored, Connor Cusack-Maclean added his name to the score sheet from receiving a pass from Owen Donnelly from the 23-metre line adding the 5th goal. After Kelburne scored their 5th East Kilbride were getting more of the ball and pushing towards the Kelburne D. However, after making an attack at Kelburne, Kelburne managed to pick up the ball and make a counter attack leading to the second goal from Bob Martin, a back hand from the right hand side of the goal at a tight angle. After Bob Martin scored the sixth goal East Kilbride pushed to the Kelburne D and managed to pull a goal back just passing under goalkeeper Matthew Retson's stick while diving towards the ball. In the final seconds of the game Phil Nijsen added a second goal to his name, just before the final Whistle. Final score Kelburne 7 - East Kilbride 1. Fantastic game both on the attack and defensive.

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