GRAND FINAL TICKETS - Earn your Club revenue!

REMEMBER - If you buy your Grand Finals ticket for the GNHC games on-line the club receives 40% of the revenue back via Scottish Hockey!  Game coverage to be live streamed.

Details via Scottish Hockey:

Clubs competing in the play-offs can benefit from a share of Grand Finals ticket sales revenue by selling tickets to their members/fans using a ‘club ticket link’.

Competing clubs will receive a club ticket link, specifically for their club, ahead of the Grand Finals and can distribute this link amongst their members for sales.

All revenue will be distributed by our Finance Team to clubs following the finals.

All tickets purchased without using a ‘club ticket link’ will see all proceeds going to Scottish Hockey.

Tickets will also be available to purchase at the gate with all proceeds going to Scottish Hockey.

Day tickets split for online sales

Adult: £7 (Club £3, Scottish Hockey £4)

Conc: £5 (Club £2, Scottish Hockey £3)

Tickets sold at the gate - £10/£7

Club Ticket links

Western Wildcats Men

Hillhead Men

Uddingston Men

Kelburne Men

GHK Women

Hillhead Women

Clydesdale Western Women