Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Ladies 3's continue good form

Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Ladies 3's v Ferguslie Ladies Saturday 12th March Kelburne Ladies 3's travelled to Linwood on Saturday in the West League 2nd division. The sun was shining as the young Paisley squad took to the field and they looked lively from the starting whistle. Kelburne dominated play in the opening 15 minutes as Ferguslie only had only 10 players. With the defence playing high up the pitch a series of corners were won and unfortunately not converted. Nevertheless Susan Deanie eventually got herself on the end of a Jen Owen corner strike to slip the ball past the Ferguslie keeper for the opening goal, in the 15th minute. Ferguslie came back fighting and within 5 minutes had equalised after breaking up the pitch and slipping the ball past young keeper Abbie Houston. The half time score was 2-1 to Kelburne, though both sides looked like they could score and progress to win the fixture. The second half began much as the 1st had started with Kelburne dominating possession and all players confident and keen to get on the ball. With some excellent passing play the Kelburne Ladies transitioned the ball seamlessly through the midfield and found Eliza Caven, Ambar Hendry and Jen Owen often. Ferguslie Ladies had no answer for the pace of the youngsters who were attacking both sides of the pitch and providing crosses into the circle. Kelburne claimed yet another corner in the 40th minute which hit a foot on the line. Another corner was awarded that was calmed slotted into the goals by Lora Caven, to make it 3-1 to the visitors. Ferguslie did break on a few occasions, as Kelburne confidently stepped high up the pitch. However Halliday and Eliza Caven, debuting in defence, were on hand to cover back and ensure Abbie Houston remained unchallenged in goals. With five minutes remaining Kelburne added another when Holly Hendry, picked the ball up in midfield and carried it past the Ferguslie defence. Her first strike at goals was cleanly saved by the keeper, who had no answer however when Hendry refused to be beaten and claiming the rebound slotted the ball past her left foot. The score finished 4-1 with Kelburne continuing to climb up the league table. Most valuable player for the match was Lucy Bliss.