Pro-Life Fitness Men's 5s lose bottom of table clash

Clydesdale 4s v Pro-Life Fitness Men's 5s Saturday 12th March First Half Clydesdale scored the opening goal 10 minutes into the game. This was followed by several attempts from Clydesdale, which saw Matthew Retson make some good saves. Unfortunately, Clydesdale scored again from a short corner 8 minutes later. John Miller managed to run through but the keeper managed to push away. Moments later Lucas Farndale had an identical attempt. Kelburne looked like scoring when Gary Brolly made a good pass to Lucas Farndale who passed to perfectly positioned, Alan McNicol but foot contact was made. Moments later Clydesdale take it up the park and score their 3rd goal (30 mins). A minute before half time Clydesdale made it 4. Half time Clydesdale 4s 4-0 Pro Life Kelburne men's 5s Second Half Although Clydesdale dominated the first half, they were equally matched in the 2nd half. Clydesdale scored 4 minutes into the second half. Moments later saw Ian McIntyre tackled by the keeper to prevent shot on target. Jay Berry scored from a short corner (7 mins) which appeared to help lift Kelburne’s spirits. However, 3 minutes later, Clydesdale managed to score number 6. Kelburne kept fighting. Lucas Farndale was unsuccessful with a 1 on 1 with the keeper. Moments later Matthew Retson made a great save. John Miller made several good tackles and was awarded a short corner, Craig Spiers was unable to hit the target. A last minute short corner saw Ewan Crawford score with the last hit of the ball. Full time. Clydesdale 4s 6-2 Pro Life Kelburne men's 5s Next time v Giffnock 1